Whiteness is…: A Public Intervention, Fall 2016


This poster was designed by the NYU Flash Collective (formed in September 2016 from a workshop conducted by Avram Finkelstein of Gran Fury, with NYU students, interested in challenging the intricacies/complexity of power in our society). The piece calls attention to the racialized hierarchical structure of society, by naming whiteness, and calling attention to the construction and enactment of power and control in our lives. It is focused on the issue of policing––on the fear and oppression which prevents us from opposing injustice, and an examination of how this fear has pervaded our social conditioning and identity, and influenced the current election.



Avram facilitated the process of developing and articulating the collective’s mission to speak to the issue of policing, a current issue that was identified as a pertinent problem in contemporary society. The collective brainstormed the idea of “policing” first in relation to their selves and daily experiences living and working in New York City. This brainstorming led to thinking about the image and text for the poster, followed by the decision to design a poster on whiteness rather than directly on policing as well as set up a blog that would function as a platform for a more engaged dialogue on race/racism and policing.




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